Qualifications of a Good Video Game Tester

While the sound of it may not give the impression that this is a serious career, the career of a video game tester is certainly something that should not be taken lightly.  Of course, the usual image of an individual who is into this kind of job is that of a geek.  To some extent, this may be true but this definitely does not mean that he does not know how to have fun.  Clearly, the gaming industry requires people who actually know how to have fun.  The products that the industry provides, after all, is one that is supposed to entertain people.

It is not just being a fun person though that is the characteristic required by video game developers for one to be a tester.  A video game tester definitely also has to possess certain skills that are exactly what the industry needs though.  Apparently, there are educational requirements that have to be met aside from the ideal personality that a video game tester should also have. If one wants to start a career in the video gaming industry as a tester, it is indeed necessary for him to have most, if not all, the qualifications such as the following:

  • A college education would certainly be an edge.  Although it is not really necessary for one who wants to be a video game tester to actually have a college degree, an applicant with a diploma has an advantage.  It is all the more so if the degree completed by the applicant is one that is closely related to software development or to information technology in general.
  • It is very important for a video game tester to have a relatively advanced knowledge about computers and software.  He should know how to deal with some challenges presented by the gaming software designed by different creators.  It would be an added advantage indeed if one actually studied a computer course.
  • Good writing skills would be necessary for one who wishes to be a video game tester.  After evaluating a product, he is expected to come up with a written report.  This document should not only present his conclusions.  This should also discuss in details the aspects of the video game.  Such method would make it easier for him to provide a convincing conclusion and recommendation.
  • It is not just good writing skills that are needed in the job though. One should also be a good communicator.  There are instances when the video game tester would have to make a presentation to the bosses of a video game company.  He has to convince them about his findings of the particular video game.

It is quite clear that the abovementioned qualifications are not very difficult to comply with.  However, even if one does possess all these, he still has to undergo certain procedures that make him prove his worth.  These include interviews and, in some cases, written exams.  If an applicant truly has all the mentioned requirements and he can show these in practice, then he would certainly get hired.